Bats and raccoons occasionally enter university buildings or outdoor spaces and must be removed with great caution by a trained animal control professional, as they are potential sources of human rabies infection.

What to do if you encounter a wild animal on campus:

Additional information on notification procedures can be found on the REHS Website under the tab for Animal Incidents:

Things you may not know:

If you may have been bitten by a bat, raccoon or other wild animal, come in contact with their saliva, or awake to find a bat in the room, seek medical help immediately. If this occurs on campus:

If you are a member of Rutgers’ faculty or staff, you should also report any incident, bite or potential exposure involving bats or other animals to your supervisor immediately.

Follow similar safety procedures if you find a bat at home; call the local police or animal control for assistance; seek immediate help from your local emergency room or physician.


For more information about rabies prevention, go to: